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Monthly Archives: September 2014

ASG Grows Domestic Market For Stainless Components

September 9, 2014

ASG’s ambitious growth plan is being further cemented with a huge amount of interest from the domestic market following the launch of the ebay pop-up shop, ASG Stainless Components in May 2013. Being a versatile company with knowledgeable and helpful employees really sets ASG apart. This gives each customer the best possible service by adding that personal touch which many customers need, giving them peace of mind when buying online.

Follow the link to take a look at all the products on offer

A great example of that personal touch;

One Friday afternoon a member of our sales team (Tiffany Johnson) received a phone call from a lady called Dawn Squires who lives in Barnsley enquiring about items listed on ASG’s ebay shop, she required stainless steel glass clamps to complete a project she was working on in her garden. After speaking to Dawn for quite sometime Tiffany learned that the project was in remembrance of her husband Martyn Squires who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Martyn was a landscape gardener and had originally designed and fitted their patio, unfortunately the old stone wall collapsed (see picture 1) and that is when Dawn had the idea of replacing the old garden with something her Husband would have loved and also something he would have done if he were here.

Dawn ordered the glass clamps over the phone and was in touch via email with Tiffany regularly keeping her up to date on the progression of the garden. Once Dawn’s specially made wooden posts had been installed and the glass clamps were attached she placed the order for glass panels to complete the project.

ASG supplied grade 316 flat back glass clamp and 10mm toughened glass panels to sit between 7 no. oak square posts. Dawn squires was over the moon with the products she received. Tiffany says “ I found it heart-warming after talking to Dawn and hearing her story”, she also added “I feel honoured that I was able to be part of creating such a wonderful memory, it makes me happy to know that Dawn and her family will always have a part of Martyn with them every day”

photo 1  photo 2

dawn Sq

dawn squires - final product 2

dawn squires - final product



ASG Achieves CE Mark – Execution Class 2

September 8, 2014

CE Mark

We can proudly announce that we have now received the SCCS Weld Certificate and Factory Production Control Certificate confirming ASG’s compliance and effective implementation of the Management System in accordance with the requirements of BS EN1090-1:2009, this falls in line with the new legal obligation that all fabricated structural steelwork is CE Marked.

Brief – CE Mark

The aim of BS EN 1090 is to ensure that clients and main contractors are given the confidence throughout the supply chain of steel construction right from the manufacture of the steel sections, to fabrication and erection on site.

BE EN 1090 is the follow up from the CE Marking of all products used across the construction industry, which was introduced and mandatory for products used after 1st July 2013.

Steelwork has been divided into four categories for certification and a steelwork contractor may not produce steel in a higher category than it is certified.  The categories are:

Execution Class 1 – Farm Buildings

Execution Class 2 – Buildings

Execution Class 3 – Bridges

Execution Class 4 – Special structures (e.g. Power Stations)

What CE Mark means to ASG?

Although we were already working to the National Structural Steelwork Specification the written procedures which formulate CE Mark BSEN 1090 now help us demonstrate this to our clients.

A large part of the process was to ensure that we had written Weld Procedures signed off by a responsible weld coordinator. These Weld Procedures were written, test pieces were welded by our competent fabricators following the procedures set in place by the RWC, each piece was then tested to destruction by Lloyds testing house to ensure the welds met the requirement of the written weld procedures.

To ensure we are sending out quality fabricated products, quality checks take place on products manufactured for each project meeting our quality standards in line with our Factory Production Control System.

Each department plays a vital role to ensure ASG conforms to the processes and procedures set out; from saving mill certs & purchase orders for steel within individual client project files allowing full traceability, producing cutting & bolt lists, completing manufacture handover sheets, ensuring the welding and measuring equipment we use are calibrated and importantly our fabricator welders are skilled and tested to comply with the weld procedures.

Adrian Johnson – Managing Director says “CE Mark reinforces our confidence that when our clients request evidence that we are working to our Factory Production Control System we will have the relevant information at the click of a button in the relevant project file!”

Future Business

We have already seen a large number of both new and existing customers request that their suppliers must have CE Mark. A number of small to medium sized fabrication companies have chosen not to invest their time and money into gaining the certification, which means that it is illegal for them to supply & manufacture fabricated steelwork.

Being 1 of 307 fabricators who have gained the SCCS Factory Production Control and Welding Certificate, we feel is a great achievement for the stability and future growth of the company.

Please follow the link to the SCCS directory.

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SCCS Welding Certificate

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