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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Stainless Steel Door Barrier – We believe in supporting Local Businesses

April 23, 2018

Stainless Steel Door Barrier


“When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance.”


I always try to use and promote local businesses, this is in all aspects of my life. From sourcing my fruit and veg from our nearest farmer markets. My local town is Cleckheaton I always try my best to visit it once a week purchasing gift and homeware items from the independent shops there. Lilly Vanilla & Peppermint Pig to name a few. It makes me feel like I’m helping businesses in our community grow and expand. It’s a fact that spending within your local community will inevitably boost your local economy. So it’s really lovely when I receive enquiries from local tradesman, especially when they have come to us because we are local.


Back in February I received a Stainless Steel Door Barrier enquiry from a builder called David Herrick. He had just finished building some beautiful houses in Wakefield. David was very happy with my quotation and soon after we arranged to get the site surveyed. We designed a simple door barrier with an infill glass panel complete with stair return rail. David was really happy with the drawing and was eager for us to commence manufacture.


The Stainless Door Barriers were put into manufacture straight away. Unfortunately the Beast from the East paid us several visits and the fitting schedule was delayed. David of course was extremely understanding as he wasn’t in a huge rush to have them fitted. By Mid March we were on site ready to fit, despite all weather issues we had faced previously our little barriers went up without a hitch.

Final Result

David was lovely enough to send us some pictures of the finished result. This was very thoughtful of him as we rarely get to see any of our domestic projects finished. I absolutely love the stainless rails against house it really compliments the Yorkshire stone.



  • 48.3mm x 2.0mm Stainless Steel Tube
  • Q-Railing Components
  • 10mm Toughened Glass Panels

Our Stainless Tube is purchased from Italy

All Components & Tube seen below can be bought at



david herrick 3


Light it Up… Q-Lights Stainless Handrailing System’s

April 4, 2018

I absolutely love being part of local projects, it pleases me so much to be able to bring customer ideas to life. And this is exactly what we did for one of my most favourite customers was eager to have a stainless handrail system fitted, that had a slight twist. Lucky for him we had just the thing our Q-Light Stainless Handrailing.

Q-Lights Gerry O'Hare

Back in November 2014, yes many moons ago, I had the pleasure of speaking to a lovely gentleman called Mr O’Hare. He was wanting a system for up and around his home in Yorkshire that could be used as a handrail to guide him and his wife up there beautiful front path but also something that could light up there way during the winter months. I knew straight away our Q-Lights hand railing system would be perfect for them.

We spoke back and forth for many weeks to come, I priced and designed for him (with a little help from the CAD Team) a very simplistic modern post and rail system as we wanted the lights to do all the talking.

Come Mid 2015, Mr O’Hare placed the order for his new Hand Railing and we set to work manufacturing his rails. As this was the first job we had manufactured incorporating the Q-Lights System I went over the job with a fine tooth comb at least 20 times. We sent across the drawings to the O’Hare family for approval and I could tell they were just as excited as me to commence fitting.

From start to finish this job ran like clockwork and the final result as you can see for yourself above was beautiful, even better than I first imagined.

Gerry Ohare

Tiffany – Stainless Works Manager

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