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Sponsorship of Local U14’s Football Club

January 24, 2014

ASG sponsored Norristhorpe U12’s Juniors Football Club back in 2011 for the first time. Sam Hoult the Owner Directors Son, was new to the team when the request came for help to fund the two team’s new mandatory training jackets for 28 boys.

Being a self-funded club requires lots of support from local businesses and the team’s family & friends to be able to provide a place for the lads to play competitively providing them with life skills and the sense of being part of a team.

Having discussed the importance of supporting the local communities kid’s with the other Owner Directors it was a no brainer, ASG had to help!! Not only do the jackets provide vital warmth in the colder months, they also look smart and professional.

Two years on, playing in the Huddersfield RCD Junior League, the Norristhorpe U14’s have all hit their growth spurt, meaning it was essential for the team’s jackets to be replaced. Having had a great response from supporting the team in 2011, ASG was keen to support the teams again, with an increased number of 34 players and 2 coaches.

ASG would like to wish both teams good luck for the rest of this season. Team A is currently top of Division 1 and progressing well in 2 different cups, whilst Team B is currently second in Division 2 hoping to stay in the top 3 to gain promotion into Division 2 next season and also progressing very well in the league trophy, both teams hoping to bring home the silverware.

‘Re-sponsoring the team coincided nicely with our 10 year anniversary and the newly revamped company logo’ – Steve Hoult – Owner Director

U14's Football Team

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