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ASG Mini Showroom

Mini Showroom

ASG Scope of works:

To provide a complete bespoke design and installation of the architectural metalwork package; ranging from the high specification stainless steel internal 1st floor balustrade to the modular galvanised balustrading within the exterior service areas.

Design, supply and installation of architectural metalwork;

  • High specification stainless steel balustrade with structural glass infill panels to the 1st floor and staircase.
  • Polyester powder coated balustrade incorporating stainless steel handrail to the service viewing area.
  • External modular galvanized balustrade systems within the valeting and service bays.
  • Stainless steel bump rails within the ground floor showroom area.

The Statistics

  • Client Name PDR Construction Limited
  • Location Leeds Road/Thistle Street
    HD1 ENN
  • Construction CostsASG contract value £85,000.00
  • Size of project 137,670 sqft
Mini Showroom
  • Mini Showroom
  • Mini Showroom
Mini Showroom

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