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modular frames - 

ASG's scope of works was to manufacture 25 modular frames for Premier Modular's hire fleet.

With hot and cold rolled elements to the build the manufacturing process is done with one team building and another team assembling the module before being transferred to our paint shop.

After the sheering and folding process the roof and base is built and assembled. The end frames are fitted at the other end of the factory and the team then begin to assemble the 3D modular frame.

Once the end frames are in place, the roof is then transferred across the factory and fitted into place.

The modules are then transfereed to our other factory and painted with a red oxide finish. Once painted they would then be delivered to Drifield at a rate of two modules per day.


The Statistics

Client Name

Premier Modular

Project Value


Time frame

To build and deliver within 6 weeks

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